Normatec Pulse 2.0

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NormaTec Pulse massage is a patented and proven technology that:
• increases circulation
• reduces pain and soreness
• rejuvenates the muscles
• accelerates the regeneration of athletes

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Normatec Pulse 2.0

NormaTec regeneration systems are state-of-the-art commercial compression devices that increase the body's natural ability to regenerate. Using the NormaTec devices to compress the entire length of the legs, arms or hips rejuvenates the muscle tissue and significantly reduces its tension and soreness. NormaTec technology is used as part of a rehabilitation protocol to help speed recovery, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.
NormaTec reconditioning systems are rugged medical equipment that has been approved for direct sale by the FDA, CE marked and has been registered with the TGA. It is easy to use and effective. NormaTec is widely used in professional sports facilities, fitness clubs and gyms, as well as by chiropractors and physical therapists. NormaTec systems are devices designed for the best, created by medical doctors and perfected by professional athletes.

NormaTec is a pioneer in the field of dynamic compression technology for regeneration and continues to be the market leader in this field.
NormaTec is at the forefront of recovery activities, working with athletes and Olympic teams, academia and professionals to improve recovery and athletic performance.

NormaTec uses patented pneumatic compression massage technology for legs, arms or hips to improve circulation and reduce soreness.

NormaTec uses three forms of bio-imitation to accelerate regeneration:
Pulsating-dynamic compression stimulates the flow of fluids
Descent stop - prevents the backflow of fluids
Peripheral release - allows normal circulation

NormaTec Pulse massage is a patented and proven technology that:
• increases circulation
• reduces pain and soreness
• rejuvenates the muscles
• accelerates the regeneration of athletes

Zone 1 Pulse compression
Zone 2 Pulse compression 1 pressure stopped
Zone 3 Pulse compression 1 and 2 pressure stopped
Zone 4 Pulse compression 2 and 3 pressure stopped. 1 pressure off
Zone 5 Pulse compression 3 and 4 pressure stopped. 1 and 2 pressure off


Battery powered, can be set up anywhere
Works with global tension

A single control unit works with devices to regenerate the legs, arms and hips
The calibration phase ensures individual adjustment to all body types
Possibility to deactivate the proximal zones
Zonal reinforcement provides additional impact where necessary. Used for regeneration, performance enhancement and rehabilitation

Ready to use in less than 60 seconds
The pressure can be adjusted separately for each session

FDA approved, CE marked, TGA registered (risk considered identical to massage)
Maximum pressure 110 mmHg (below 2.5 PSI)

Integrate your NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Series device with your smartphone to access features that ensure the best recovery results for an athlete.
• Adjust time and pressure settings
• Activate zone gain
• Save and restore preferred settings
• Tracking and sharing your recovery stats
• Upload your recovery data to other training and tracking applications

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