Hypervolt Bluetooth

405,93 EUR


Weight: 1.13 kg
Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 25cm
Quiet-Glide ™ technology for quiet operation
60W brushless motor
3 levels of vibration intensity (30Hz, 40Hz and 53Hz)
5 heads for precise muscle massage
Efficient lithium-ion battery allowing 3-hour work on a single charge
Clamping force indicator
Maximum impact frequency - 3,200 / min.

Producer code: 53100-038-00

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Hypervolt Bluetooth

The Hypervolt Bluetooth device allows you to perform the massage exactly as you need. 3 levels of vibration intensity (2,000; 2,600; 3,200 beats per minute) and 5 replaceable heads make the device suitable for both home and professional use. It can be used by people regardless of their training advancement level, by physiotherapists and professional athletes.
A useful element for people using the device is the pressure force indicator, i.e. a display showing how much pressure is exerted by the device on the body. This indicator recognizes by 3 main levels (weak, medium and strong), but also transition levels. All of this is done in real time.
Hypervolt Bluetooth is the best device to take care of the condition of your muscles and improve their mobility, which translates into comfort in everyday life and better freedom of movement.

• Quiet-Glide ™ technology for ultra-quiet operation. Thanks to it, even long use of the device is not burdensome for the user and the environment.
• Efficient 60W lithium-ion battery - gives the possibility of 3 hours of work on a single charge. As a result, Hypervolt Bluetooth can be used without the need for frequent charging.
• 3 levels of vibration intensity mean that Hypervolt can be used by people regardless of their training advancement level and at every stage of rehabilitation. Adjusting the intensity of vibrations allows the therapy to be adapted to the individual needs of people in order to reduce pain and discomfort.
• The pressure force indicator shows the force with which the device is pressed against the body. The indicator enables precise adjustment of the massage to the recommendations of the physiotherapist.
• 5-stage battery indicator - allows you to check the battery charge at every stage of using the device.
• 5 interchangeable heads (tips) of various sizes, shapes and hardness. The heads allow you to adjust the massage to the individual needs of users.

• Pillow - delicate, used to massage sensitive areas. It is a good solution for beginners to use HYPREVOLT PLUS
• Round - universal, it is used to massage all parts of the body. Made of high hardness foam. Recommended for surface massage of moderate intensity.
• Flat - universal, it is used to massage medium and large muscle groups. Made of hard plastic. It enables the massage of deeply located tissues. Perfect for working on tightly tense and compacted muscles.
• Bullet - precise, used for point massage. Made of hard plastic. Perfect for massaging difficult (deep) located muscle groups.
• Forks - dedicated, are used to massage long muscles. Made of hard plastic. Perfect for massaging deeply located muscle groups. It enables the massage of specific points on the body.

The Hyperice application enables:
• Using individual training programs
• Monitor your progress
• Carrying out a pre-training warm-up and post-workout regeneration according to the advice of the world's best trainers and physiotherapists
• Connecting devices via Bluetooth


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