Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (M5039)

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The history of the Converse company dates back as far as to 1908. It was founded by Marquis Converse, who, from the beginning, was focused on sports shoes designed for basketball. About 1918, the company was joined by a basketball player Chuck Taylor, whose passion for sports infected a larger group of people, thus creating the most classic and recognizable shoes in history: Converse ankle shoes on a thick rubber sole, which, until today, have been signed with his name, and have not changed a bit since the beginning; in other words All Star. The shoes soon spread around a number of  subcultures, such as skateboarders, rockers, punks, and many others. Although the shoes enjoyed great popularity in sports halls and on the street, their low version in varied color schemes appeared as late as in 1957.

The upper of the presented model, together with a thick, massive sole and a rubber toecap, were fully covered with deep black color