UNO x Nike Zoom Freak 3

Nothing pleases the eye like the two-time MVP of the league and the reigning MVP of the grand NBA Final. Giannis Antetokounmpo unexpectedly became the best player in the NBA league and whenever necessary - annihilates his opponents in a truly heroic style.



The legends of Giannis Antetokounmpo will surely be written someday by a modern day Homer. The Greek basketball player is like a hero walking among mortals. To confirm these words, we have all the individual awards that Giannis has received in recent years. Interestingly, his shoes Nike Zoom Freak 3 are also starting to do great. The latest collection based on the 50th anniversary of the card game "UNO" makes a sensation on the Internet and on the courts - both in the NBA and smaller, local leagues.

Earlier, Greak Freak had received collaborations from Nike that were associated with the childhood of the Greek. Namely, it was the movie "Coming to America," which is Giannis' favorite story. It was transferred to both the first and the second model of the Milwaukee Bucks player. Both of these styles appealed to most basketball players. Now we are again referring to the youth of this great basketball player.

The Uno game is nothing more than a graphic arrangement of a card game, which we know in Poland as „Makao”. Surely each of you spent countless hours playing one or the other version of this entertainment. Now, you can pay tribute to your childhood years with Giannis with the colors dedicated to this game!

The entire pack consists of four pairs of the Zoom Freak 3 model, and Nike Air Force 1 lifestyle shoes, as well as dedicated flip-flops and clothing. Each color of shoes corresponds to a different card from the UNO deck. We currently offer Freak 3 in green, blue and red and to be honest, we can't decide which one we like the most!

Do not wait and collect the entire Nike Zoom Freak 3 Uno collection. With all your shoes on, you'll even be able to play a makeshift card game with Giannis Antetokounmpo's shoes! If you decide to buy, don't forget to show us your Instagram stories!


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