The launch of SK Store!

It’s ready! New, bigger, better and made just for you! Let’s dive into our newest SK Store Warsaw.


There is an end and beginning for everything. Time to say goodbye to our old store, which served us well for almost 15 years. The Kicks Store placed at Chmielna 21 street was our heart and soul but after all – it wasn’t enaugh for us and our customers. So, the decision had to be made. New store can be found at Zgoda 12 street, in the near neighborhood of the old one. It’s realy visible from the Marszałkowska street, so it’s easier for you to come by and check it out. Inside you will find more than 320 square metres of basketball sneakers, clothing, gear and features.

What’s realy special about this place is the fact, that you can actualy come and test the gear that you selected – either if it’s a basketball or the shoes – hit our performance cage and check the cushion, traction or maybe do your morning routine – we are here to help you. Or, if you are in the fan mode actualy, check out our customisation zone, where you can put a print or stitching on clothing selected by you.

SK Store Warsaw – the home of every baller is now open. Don’t wait and visit us!

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 19.00

Saturdays          11.00 - 17.00

Zgoda 12 street, 00-012 Warsaw.




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