SKy Court!

On July 16, 2021, we launched the unique basketball court in Poland located ... on the roof of the building. One thing is certain, that day Gdańsk became the capital of Polish basketball!




Before we go into the details of the event, we will tell you that the construction of the "SKy Court" on the roof of GCH Manhattan in Gdańsk started building at the beginning of July. The SKy Court has been tested for the firts time by the players of the Polish National Basketball Team 3x3. What is more Piotr Renkiel and Przemek Zamojski even became the official initiators of invitations to the event. After the official inauguration of the opening of "SKy Court", you could see the award ceremony at the end of the amateur basketball league season. The presence of Adam Waczyński or Karol Gruszecki was also an excellent opportunity to take a photo and give a hug. And that was not the end of the attractions! The real madness started moments later. The main role was played by "Grabo" and "Kid", who presented a range of their unconventional basketball skills. Believe us, there was a lot to watch!















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