Nike Zoom Freak 3

Gues who just got crowned the NBA Champions and NBA Finals MVP? That’s right, it’s Giannis Antetokounmpo. Not only he’s got the newest trophies, but also he just received his third signature sneaker – Nike Zoom Freak 3. Giannis, just like Michael Jordan before him, is one of the most rewarded player in the history of the game – and he is still only 26 years old. Similar to Michael, he also has a great basketball sneakers line. In fact, he is the player that requires shoes that can containt his unnatural size and athleticism.


What is interesting about Nike Zoom Freak line, is the fact that every new sneaker is diffrent than the previous one. First model was a futuristic copy of Nike Kobe IV, Freak 2 was unique in it’s own way and this years model is the evolution of the second Giannis’s shoe. First thing that is new, is the strap that will contain athletes foot inside the shoe. The strap is very similar to the one used in the KD14 model, so those people who used this model can confirm that it does its job very well. In addition, we have a „Freak” inscription on the inside of the strap.


Next thing that comes to our mind are the materials. In the Nike Zoom Freak 3 they are really lightweight – it’s a great thing when a shoe can handle your feet and be almost unnoticable by your legs. The upper is made of mesh/synthetics mix which will also handle the ventilation and step in comfort. You should go true to size with these.


The midsole is a well known cushioning system called the „phylon”. This foam is very widely used by Nike but it’s a good thing because it means a lot about it’s reliability. Under the midsole we will find the Nike Zoom Air units, that are similar to those known from LeBron. They are also placed under athletes forefoot, so every jab step or sprint run will be well cushioned.


The closest thing that connects the player to the basketball court is the outsole, and here we have got another variation of spiral shapes, that remind Giannis of rose flowers that grow in the streets of his hometown Athens. Multi directional shaped are sticking to the floor like crazy and like in the two previos models – traction is the main advantage of Giannis Antetokounmpos sneakers.


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