Nike LeBron XVIII Low

When you think about two „Looney Tunes” characters, that are bonded with each other for ever, then who comes to your mind? Lola and Buggs? Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner? Well, how about Sylvester and Tweety? Yes, the last pair of cartoon characters is actualy a template for the newest LeBron James sneaker. What is this shoe all about and why should you buy it? Let’s see in the latest #SKLab.


The reason this two characters are placed on the basketball shoes is of course a „Space Jam: A New Legacy” movie, which premiere had place on 16th of July. It’s influence on the basketball market was right on time, because one of the most thriving sneakers today are LeBron XVIII Lows. The sneakers didn’t take part on the movie, but it’s heroes did, so the storytelling is right on point here.

The most visible sign of it’s Tunes Squad collection membership, is a Tunes Squad logo placed on the shoes tongue and the characters pictures, which you can find on the insoles of both shoes. Also, the colorw palette relates to Tweety’s feathers and Sylvesters hair tone with a red color – a sign of his appetite as he always licks his mouth when he has an opportunity to catch his yellow „friend”.

If it comes to tech details, then we must admit that these are one of the finest LeBron James sneakers in a low version. Under athletes heel, you can find a large Air Max unit, which will protect you from all kinds of landings and heavy stomping. In the front section, there is a big piece of React foam, which will provide soft and more reactive type of cushion. The midsole is covered with a TPU cage which will keep you feet inside the shoe cage and the massive, TPU heel counter is there to help you with the suport which we all ned during a basketball game.

When we go down to the traction, we must admit that Nike finaly decided to make LeBron good in this point again. After LeBron XV, all of his sneakers come with some kind of a herringbone which makes you stick to the floor very well. It’s multi directional pattern is one of the most reliable systems in the game and it will provide tons of traction on any surface.

How do you like the newest member of Nike LeBron family? Are you going to grab these or maybe some other colorway? Check out full list of our offer and don’t wait – they are vanishing very fast.

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