Nike LeBron XIX

It's hard to believe that LeBron James is already playing for his nineteenth season in the NBA! What's more, his game does not seem to slow down and James himself impresses with his game more and more every year. It is similar with his shoes - year after year, Nike designers surprise us with something new - and they must have surprised us with a completely new design eighteen times! What did they manage to prepare for us this time? Check out our Nike LeBron XIX basketball shoe review!


What draws special attention to the launch of each LeBron model is the depreciation system. How to keep a player who weighs 113 kilograms, measures over two meters, plays in all five positions and jumps high above the basket hoop (305 cm)? Answer: Nike Zoom Air. Yes, the popular gas cushions have proven themselves again in the case of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player. But that's not the only thing that works for amortizing the steps of a big four-time NBA champion. The gas cushions are made in Max Air 180 technology, which means that the cushioning systems are huge systems that operate across the entire width of the player's foot. In addition, the front cushions are equipped with the above-mentioned ZOOM fibers, thanks to which the shoes do not give the impression that you are walking on an unnatural surface.

The upper of the newest Nike LeBron XIX shoes is a combination of many modern synthetic materials. A classic mesh, i.e. a light mesh, which is a kind of a link between the various zones of this shoe, extends to the forefront. In addition, we have synthetic elements that fill the space in the back of the footwear and additionally stiffen the upper. The real gem is the special TPU panel, which is connected to both the upper and both soles. It is also part of the lacing system, which consists of classic eyelets, the flywire system and the aforementioned panel. The upper of the shoes is quite high, but the flexible materials used here should not be a problem for those who prefer low shoes. We are very pleased with the use of an integrated, inner sock, which improves the support of the foot during the game.

When it comes to how the Nike LeBron XIX basketball shoes will perform on the court in terms of grip, we must admit that there should be no problems with it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of protruding teeth are responsible for traction, pointing in all directions we are following on the basketball court. Additionally, by integrating the sole with the upper via a TPU panel, the latest LeBrons will fit any type of foot with every movement.

How do you like the latest King James shoes? Let me know right after you order them and test them on the dance floor!


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