Jordan Zion 2

Jordan Zion 2 is the latest offer from Jordan Brand. The second edition of footwear signed with one of the hottest, young names in the NBA league is an absolute hit for people looking for basketball shoes from Jordan Brand at a medium price. In today's #SKLAB you will find out why this is so.

Basketball shoes are the most important piece of equipment for every basketball player. Jordan Brand, seeing the cross-section of the field tasks that are set for Zion Williamson, decided to create the most universal model of basketball shoe. Above all, this model needed to be tough in order to be able to harness the immense strength and athleticism of the New Orleans Pelicans basketball player. In addition, the upper of the shoes is equipped with an additional Velcro stabilizing the foot. We know this solution, among others, from the Nike Kyrie series of basketball shoes, which over the last eight models also contained this element.

When it comes to cushioning, Jordan Zion 2 has a powerful Nike ZOOM Air Strobel unit located directly under the player's foot. Thanks to this solution, the pillow collects the maximum amount of energy during landing on the dance floor or during an intense run. In addition, the Jordan Zion 2 basketball shoes are perfect for all conditions - the aggressive tread provides support with any degree of dirt on the floor.

Rating: 4.7