Jeremy Sochan - The 9th pick in the NBA Draft

As you probably guessed, the hero of today's article could only be one ;). After three years of drought in polish-american relations, our compatriots are returning to the NBA league! At the moment, the performance of Jeremy Sochan, whose American dream began last year, is practically certain. But before Jeremy joined Baylor College, he had a long way to go. The whole family of the young basketball player worked for his success. So how did Sochan become the fourth Pole in the history of the NBA league?

Jeremy Sochan

Jeremy Juliusz Sochan was born on May 20, 2003 in Guymon, Oklahoma. Sports genes are extremely strong in his family. His mother, Aneta Sochan, was a former basketball player of Polonia Warsaw, grandfather, after whom Jeremy has a middle name, Juliusz Sochan is also a person strongly associated with basketball. In the years 1976-1981 he was the president of WOZKosz, i.e. the Warsaw regional basketball association. Previously, he was an active activist around Warsaw basketball clubs. Finally, Jeremy's great-grandfather, Zygmunt Sochan, is a former footballer of Warszawianka Warszawa. As you can see, Jeremy was in good shape even before his birth!

Jeremy's father, Ryan Williams, met Aneta Sochan in Oklahoma, where the mother of future NBA basketball player studied. However, Jeremy spent the first years of his life not in the USA, but in Great Britain, in the town of Milton Keynes. There he started basketball training. He even attended Itchen College High School in Southampton, Hampshire. However, during the summer holidays, young Jeremy returned to Poland, where he gained additional experience at countless basketball camps.

Sochan's talent was noticed quite quickly by members of the junior national team of Poland. No wonder Jeremy was selected for the U16 squad that traveled to Montenegro in 2019 for the European Basketball Championship. As you can guess, the presence of Sochan in the squad gave wings to the whole team, which won the gold medal in great style! Jeremy was then voted the tournament's best basketball player.

This, of course, was not the end of success for the national team. In 2021, Sochan made his debut in the senior national team of Poland. he was the youngest rookie in the history of KoszKadra - on the day of the game he was seventeen years, nine months and one day old. Moreover, Jeremy turned out to be the best player of this game. He started them from the bench, but quickly won the next minutes for himself on the pitch. The game ended with 18 points scored on 60% efficiency. Additionally, Sochan proved himself in this game as an elite defender who sent his opponents shots to the other end of the court twice! Unfortunately, this has been the only appearance of Sochan in the Polish national team so far.

After a promising career in high school in Great Britain, Jeremy planned to continue his studies and games in the USA, where he got into La Lumiere Highschool in Indiana. Unfortunately, the plans were thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Sochan decided to join the German Orange Academy, which he joined with his teammate from the junior national team, Igor Milicić Junior.

Orange Academy is a third-league team from Germany, known for sending great basketball talents to the world. It was no different this time. After just one year of playing in Germany, Sochan decided to join the NCAA basketball champion - Baylor University.

Sochan joined the Bears team in the fall of 2021. He instantly became a key player in team rotation. Initially, Sochan missed a few games due to a sprained ankle. Fortunately, as soon as he recovered, Sochan began to lead the team towards another successful season.

It is true that Sochan started most of the season from the bench, which does not mean, however, that his influence on the game was marginal - quite the opposite. His play earned him prizes for the best reserve BIG 12 conference, selection for the first year squad of the BIG 12 conference, and he led his Baylor Bears team to the conference championship! Admittedly, the Bears did not repeat the success of a year ago and did not win the NCAA tournament, but Jeremy had the opportunity to present himself in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. One of the greatest basketball scenes sealed his fate - NBA scouts literally sharpened their teeth at him.

Sochan's expected position in the draft grew month by month. Before the season it was said that Jeremy would take the "one & done" option after a year in the NCAA, he would be aiming for a choice at the end of the draft. During the season, Sochan rose to the rank of a certain pick in the first round. In February, there were talks about places 15-20, while the closer to the draft, the closer to the highest numbers. The last reports before the ceremony spoke of issue nine.

Ultimately, Sochan was selected with the ninth pick for the San Antonio Spurs! The franchise choice alone means a lot - the team from Texas has always been a determinant of wise and future-oriented team building. Choosing Sochan with a pick in the top 10 of the draft is a sign that the Spurs want to use him to build a squad that will return to regular play in the Playoffs. We feel like we have to order a lot of San Antonio merch. Should we open registration for Jeremy's game jerseys?

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