Air Jordan Point Lane

Air Jordan Point Lane are the newest hybrid model from the Jordan Brand. What’s inside of this model and why we like it so much? Dive into newest #SKLab and enjoy the sneakers as much as we do – even when it’s not a retro release!

The very first thing that hits us is the quality of the meterials. They are as good as they were actualy some retro release, if it’s not better than some of them to be honest. That’s a good thing, because we realy appreciate the fact, that Jordan designers are focused on the quality as much as they are on the sales rises. The second thing that we did actualy like about these, is the fact that they look similar, even if it’s a totaly new model. There must be something with that „Jordan looking” shoes – the shape just tells you that there must a Jumpman somewhere.


We did already tell you that this is a hybrid model, so it mixes some of the most classic Jordans. Here, we can see a side panel from Air Jordan 6, the Heel Counter from the „threes” as well as the stitched branding from the „11s”. Also, the colorway is a very good looking one. White leather is well connected with the grey area at the lower back section, plus the University blue branding and the inside of the shoe remind us of some of the best white & blue Jordans. At the end, there is that red Jumpman which will make people look at you while crossing the streets of you city.


Once we go underneath the shoes, it gets even better. The outsole looks familiar, but you can tell that this is actualy a new design – not like posting some old outsoles into Spizikes or Sons of Mars. Here, we have something like a mix between top Jordan outsoles (let’s say, AJ12, 6 and 7) and some new running or lifestyle models – this is what came to our mind when we saw this massive Air Max 200 Unit at the rear end of the sneaker. Air Jordan Point Lane is very comfortable though, you don’t feel like it’s an old shoe when you wear them.


How do you like the newest Air Jordan Point Lane? Sneakers are available in both, mens and gs sizes but hurry up – we believe, that we are not the only ones who like them very much.