adidas Exhibit A "Acid Red"

The adidas shoe stable has recently made up the distance that separates it from its biggest rival, Nike. Basketball shoes by adidas not only look better and better, but also perform on the court as well as all the ideas of the competition. One of the latest designs of the German brand is a direct competition for unsigned Nike and Jordan models, i.e. the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run and Air Jordan XXXVI. The designers of adidas basketball have prepared a great silhouette of adidas Exhibit A for us. Let's take a look at how the latest model will look on the leg and on the dance floor in the latest installment of the #SKLab series.

adidas exhibit a

What draws attention in the first place is the style of this shoe. Adidas Exhibit A looks like a modern version of the classic adidas Streetball model that has dominated the world's outdoor courts for years. Now, the German brand wants to dominate professional dance floors with its new product. And we won't be surprised if they succeed! Shoes in the newest, bright red colors are simply insane, while their performance properties do not differ from those offered by the highest models signed by the best NBA basketball players. The latest basketball shoes by adidas have a textile, perfectly fitting upper, the lighter zones of which provide great ventilation. The special material from which the laces are made means that they do not loosen during the game and do not loosen in individual "eyes". Additional stability of the binding system is improved by a special panel placed on the tongue.

The cushioning of the newest adidas basketball shoes is made of Lightstrike foam, which is known and loved for years. This foam, like BOOST, is made up of hundreds of separate cells, each of which works in cooperation with an adjacent cell. Thanks to this, the competitor in these shoes is able to exert pressure on exactly those zones that actually need additional cushioning. In addition, the midsole is coupled with the heel counter of the shoes, thanks to which the heel is perfectly stabilized during the game. Traction is provided by a complex diamond pattern that covers the entire surface of the outsole. As a result, they imitate the shapes of the popular herringbone and cover movements in every direction. In addition, the latest adidas basketball shoes have a wide and stable base that will prevent any twists during basketball duels.

The shoes are quite popular in the NBA league itself. 14 players have already played in them, the most famous of which are Kyle Lowry, Bojan Bogdanovic and Eric Gordon. Of the fourteen players who have played in this shoe, most of them are defenders or wingers, so we recommend this model to the rather smaller and more dynamic players, although the wide base means that even the biggest of the biggest basketball players should have no problems with stability with this model.

It's true that this combination of bright red and blue "does the job?" Check how the latest adidas basketball shoes work on the basketball court. Make a purchase and enjoy the latest basketball shoes from adidas Exhibit A!    

adidas exhibit a adidas exhibit a

adidas exhibit aadidas exhibit a



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