adidas Dame 7 Extply

Damian Lillard and Dame D.O.L.L.A. are two indentities of Portland Trail Blazers point guard. His resume is not only being a multiple NBA All Star, NBA Rookie of the Year, but also Olympic Gold Medalist. What he is also known of, is having a basketball signature sneakers line. His provider, adidas, has always put the bar high and it’s nothing diffrent with his newest model – Dame 7 Extply.

Newest Damian Lillard shoe is an evolotion of hist seventh signature model, which had it’s premiere last year. Now, for the vacation time, we are gifted with it’s newest design which connects both Lillards personalities.


What’s important, is the fact that adidas „EXTPLY” branded products are made out of recycled materials at least in 20%. The shoes have a little bit bulky shape, that also makes them look more agressive in comparison to a regular Dame 7. The main diffrence is more dense placement of a mesh material and implementing a synthetic leather layers in the front, outside and back sections. Also, what is interesting, we have some storytelling going over here. On the front of the shoes we have a quote „20 cousins deep before the fame, this ain’t an entourage” from the „Home Team” song by Dame D.O.L.L.A. also, in the back section, we can find eyelets that are made to look like „Jack” plugs in the music studio.


The technology behind this model is adidas lightstrike foam. It’s characteristic look comes from it’s purposes. In order of providing a ton of cusion, adidas decided to place tiny bits of foam cells and then, connect them in order to create a midsole. It has been done before with all BOOST foam cushioning systems. Lightstrike has the same abilities of impact protection but is more durable and it can react faster.


What’s under the shoe is a full length herring bone that provides traction, which is somethind that Damian Lillard really needs during splashing all of his game winners. Dame 7 Extply were Lillards company during this years Basketball Olympic Tournament and Blazers Playoffs games, so you can tell that these shoes were made for the biggest stages. Don’t wait, gear up and make that three pointer while screaming „Dame Time”!



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