Adidas Star Match Wlazły # 10 T-shirt

1 067,99 EUR

Type: Men's T -shirt

Brand: Adidas

Purpose: Volleyball

Color: Red with white elements

Material: Polyester

Producer code: V0228

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The official adidas jersey from the Match of the Stars 2016 with the words WLAZŁY # 10. The jersey was enriched with the autographs of the participants taking part in the farewell matches to mark the end of Paweł Zagumny's national career. The first match took place in the Arena in Gdynia, while the next match took place in - the mecca of Polish volleyball - Spodek in Katowice. The biggest stars of the world format stood on both sides of the net. In the team of Paweł Zagumny, we could see Mariusz Wlazły, Łukasz Kadziewicz and Sebastian Świderski, among others. Wilfredo Leon, Stephane Antiga, Nikola Grbić and Giba played in the team led by coach Vladimir Alekna. The t-shirt is in an elegant box with a Hall of Fame certificate of authenticity.

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